Last Call is a powerful sales data analytics and visualization platform that empowers frontline sales teams and managers to identify opportunities to improve sales and profitability.

“Innovator of the Year” - 2016
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"Since implementing Last Call, it's become an integral part of our daily routine. Our average sales rep logs in at least once a day. We have increased our sales and are growing our business." - Breakthru Beverage Group
Customer Testimonails
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Data Visualization

Rank, segment and trend by accounts, products and categories, etc. Fast and easy to prioritize your next sales move.

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Dynamic Grouping

Create custom groupings of locations to find opportunities and analyze performance as fast as your users can think of them.

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Performance Dashboards

Valuable actionable reports out of the box. Drives sales management and competitive analysis to a new level. Fully customizable, and can be ‘white labelled’.

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Account Profiling

A multi-field view of customers or prospects, with all associated (including your competitors’) activity and data. Fully editable and customizable to your processes.

Why Choose Last Call?

Built for front-line sales reps, not for your IT department Get real-time, data driven visibility into your competitors performance Cloud-based and runs on any device Easy access to data by account, location, product and time Sign up, upload your data and start selling more

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  • Breakthru Canada
  • Brown Forman

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